Getting Started

Hello and welcome to the Moto CMS Developers forum! Here you can find all the needed documentation on the Moto websites development and get answers to all your questions.

What is Moto CMS?


Moto CMS is a Flash content management panel. It represents a Flex application which allows editing the website content. Moto CMS is aimed at developers who create, customize and maintain Flash websites. The main Moto CMS features are: the WYSIWYG editor, simple website editing, and working with Widgets and Modules.

How do I begin?

There are two main ways to go:

1. Take a ready-made template and customize it. You are welcome to choose a ready-made template from our collection at the Templates Store. You can also download a template example to try your customization skills.

2. Create your own website on basis of one of the source templates. The Steps to create Moto Template article will guide you through the entire process of the Moto website creation.

If you are not a developer, you might be interested in purchasing a ready-made template. Please visit our Templates Store and browse the collection of the quality Flash websites.

Going further


Take a deeper look into the Moto website development and learn more about its components.

Slots - know more about the animated Moto objects and learn how to create your own slots with the help of tutorials.
Modules - know what the Moto modules are, find the examples and learn how to create menus, modules etc.
Moto CMS API - get your development questions answered with the help of the Moto CMS Component description, classes, their properties and methods, and the usage examples.


Download a Moto template example right now. This example will let you explore the template's sources and know more about the template's structure.

The Downloads section also contains the source templates and the Moto CMS Component (the .mxp file).

Get the free Trial version if you want to download a Moto template example with the control panel.

Moto CMS Forum

Feel free to ask any questions and start discussions on the Developer's  forum.

Thank you for your attention! Have fun working with Moto CMS!
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