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Kostas Snider December 20, 2011 Community / Announcements

Dear customer. We don’t want you to have any questions… we prefer you to know all the answers! Search for any answer you need in our Knowledge Base and please let us know if you couldn't find it here. CMS Guide Team will be happy to assist you with any aspect of your website maintenance.



Frequently Answered Questions. Please, make sure you’ve read this before spending your time on asking (and then waiting for response) the question, which is already might have been answered!

Users Guides and Typical Solutions

In the Users Guide section you will learn what Flash CMS is, how to purchase it, install it and work with it. The Solutions section will give you the most common solutions for the most common errors.

Video Tutorials

Here you may find video lessons which will teach you how to operate your Flash CMS starting from selecting the template which will fit your purposes and ending with editing every single object or widget on your new Flash website.

 your feedback! Any of your questions, feature requests or ideas about how to improve our support performance will be highly appreciated.

Please, remember: the best thing you can do is read, search, and read some more before asking questions! 



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